Progress on the webapp

Project going ok so far.. handy tip today is abut using underscore’s where on a collection checking against multiple attributes. e.g. below:

  var femaleClubHomeGames = matchesModelView.collection.where({"homeTeam":club, "gender":"womens"});

Also doing a good bit around routing and links to routes.. so for example when the method teamClicked is called I put the buttons href into navigate to kick the router off – that way the router is checking for the URL and taking in the necessary parameters.

teamClicked: function(e){ 
                var myTarget = $('href');
                myRouter.navigate(myTarget, { trigger: true }); //send back to the router to decide what to do
                return false

The href thats being pushed through is something like this ‘club/Botanic’ (no ending slash – that caused problems for some reason)
The router is set up to be something like this:

 "club/:club": 'club', 

And then the router’s method can take that club parameter in from the url to use it however we wish.

club: function(club){

All good stuff so far, lots done, loads more to do! Onwards and upwards!