Probably due an update

So have been doing loads of work learning about Backbone, Javascript and related tech of late. The plan of action at the moment is to get more familiar with Jasmine, Require and Backbone Layout Manager and refactor the original app with what I’ve learned. Have done a good bit on require now so feeling more comfortable there, have done the reading but not the implementation of Jasmine just yet and have watched the videos of Layout Manager but wanna do a bit more to make sure I know what I’m doing and why with that.

Have also really got into learning about javascript design patterns. Addy Osmani’s book has been brilliant here ( Learning more about the design patterns such as pubSub/observer, mediator and facade patterns which are especially useful within a Backbone application environment as well as more generic design patterns such as decorator, factory and mixins. I guess the most important thing I’m learning about at the moment is decoupling and modularity within applications for ease of maintenance, testing and re-use.

All has been very cool so far, hoping my next attempt at the app will be done through better practices.

Onwards and upwards!